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Social Bookmarking Site List

Social bookmarking sites are online platforms that allow users to save, organize, and share web content and links. These platforms enable users to create collections of bookmarks, often organized by categories or tags, and to share these bookmarks with others. Social bookmarking sites serve as a valuable resource for discovering and curating web content on a wide range of topics.

Benefits for Website SEO and Traffic:

  1. Backlinks: When you bookmark your website’s content or pages on social bookmarking sites, you can create backlinks to your site. These backlinks can positively impact your website’s search engine ranking, especially if the social bookmarking site has high domain authority.
  2. Traffic Generation: Social bookmarking sites often have active communities of users who seek and share interesting content. When your bookmarks are discovered by other users, they may visit your website, leading to increased traffic.
  3. Content Exposure: By bookmarking your web content, you make it more accessible to a broader audience. Users searching for specific topics or keywords on these platforms can discover and access your content.
  4. Diversified Traffic Sources: Diversifying your sources of website traffic is a sound SEO strategy. Social bookmarking sites provide an additional source of traffic that complements other marketing efforts.
  5. Social Signals: Search engines consider social signals, such as the number of shares and bookmarks, when assessing the quality and relevance of content. Active engagement on social bookmarking sites can contribute to these signals.
  6. Brand Exposure: Consistently sharing valuable content from your website on social bookmarking sites can enhance your brand’s exposure. It also positions your brand as a valuable resource within your niche or industry.
  7. Networking: Engaging with other users and bookmarking content from relevant sources can lead to valuable networking opportunities. Building connections within your field can open doors for collaborations and partnerships.
  8. Keyword Optimization: When bookmarking content, you can include relevant keywords and tags. This can improve your content’s visibility when users search for specific topics.
  9. Global Reach: Social bookmarking sites have a global audience, allowing you to reach users from different regions and demographics.
  10. Content Promotion: Social bookmarking sites can serve as an additional platform for promoting your content, ensuring that it reaches a wider audience.

It’s important to approach social bookmarking with a focus on providing value and relevance. Consistently bookmarking your own content without engaging with the community can be viewed as spammy and counterproductive. Instead, aim to share content that genuinely interests and helps other users, and actively participate in discussions. This approach can help you maximize the SEO and traffic benefits of social bookmarking.

NoSiteDAPASpam ScoreCategoryLink TypePriceApprove TypeUpdatedOn
101NA 37501300Fri-09-22
102NA 33471200Fri-09-22
103NA 3149100Fri-09-22
104NA 33535800Fri-09-22
105NA 6552200Fri-09-22
106NA 31497200Fri-09-22
107NA 2849700Fri-09-22
108NA 294712GeneralNoFollowFreeInstant ApproveTue-01-24
109NA 6653100Fri-09-22
110NA 2545300Fri-09-22
111NA 6453200Fri-09-22
112NA 26433700Fri-09-22
113NA 62477100Fri-09-22
114NA 25462300Fri-09-22
115NA 3146300Fri-09-22
116NA 2543200Fri-09-22
117NA 29481400Fri-09-22
118NA 29461900Fri-09-22
119NA 21454900Fri-09-22
120NA 3248300Fri-09-22
121NA 1844100Fri-09-22
122NA 2344300Fri-09-22
123NA 2347300Fri-09-22
124NA 1944200Fri-09-22
125NA 30464GeneralNoFollowFreeInstant ApproveTue-01-24
126NA 22451000Fri-09-22
127NA 6254300Fri-09-22
128NA 27415800Fri-09-22
129NA 20422GeneralNoFollowFreeInstant ApproveTue-01-24
130NA 22489GeneralNoFollowFreeInstant ApproveTue-01-24
131NA 22344700Fri-09-22
132NA 2245300Fri-09-22
133NA 5447400Fri-09-22
134NA 2042700Fri-09-22
135NA 22482800Fri-09-22
136NA 2041100Fri-09-22
137NA 1945400Fri-09-22
138NA 2046300Fri-09-22
139NA 18441400Fri-09-22
140NA 1842400Fri-09-22
141NA 15442400Fri-09-22
142NA 2544800Fri-09-22
143NA 20422800Fri-09-22
144NA 2045900Fri-09-22
145NA 1730600Fri-09-22
146NA 19441400Fri-09-22
147NA 1745200Fri-09-22
148NA 16372100Fri-09-22
149NA 2245300Fri-09-22
150NA 144310GeneralNoFollowFreeInstant ApproveTue-01-24
NoSiteDAPASpam ScoreCategoryLink TypePriceApprove TypeUpdatedOn
151NA 1645400Fri-09-22
152NA 1645000Fri-09-22
153NA 2847700Fri-09-22
social bookmarking for backlinks

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